We are proud to represent a number of organic and sustainable wines, that effectively answer to the needs of today’s consumers.

International brands with a local approach.

Even though we work with international brands with a proven success across various markets, we strongly believe in local adaptations and communication, in order to be relevant for the consumers in each market.

Our track record for many of our brands is impressive, and our brands are listed by the alcohol retail monopolies in Northern Europe as well as several well established major retailers in Central Europe and North America.

However, when it comes to local launches, we know that historic success in a different market does not automatically guarantee that the brand will be successful in a new market. We are therefore investing time, money, and resources to make sure to have an appropriate offer for each market.


Together with our partners around the world, we are proud to be able to offer a number of attractive brands that effectively answer to the needs of today’s consumers. Our entire range is made in the spirit of sustainable production and all our products are organically, biodynamically, or sustainably certified. 


Casa Marrone

Casa Marrone means “brown house” in Italian, paying homage to the earth-colored and old architecture found in southern Italy and surrounding the vineyards where Casa Marrone grapes are grown. The many old and beautiful brown houses represent the genuine Italy, the Italy that Casa Marrone helps bring to life.

Casa Marrone believes in a long-term commitment to the environment and the surrounding areas where it is produced, hence all wines are made with organically grown grapes.
Casa Marrone is a close cooperation between ViniMundi and Casa Vinicola Botter, a family run wine producer from the area between Verona and Venice in northern Italy, and with wineries in Veneto and Puglia. Luca, Annalisa and Alessandro Botter, who represent the third generation of the producing family, are now leading the company, integrating their almost centenary traditions with a new vision focused on innovation.


Castelgufo is produced in close cooperation between ViniMundi Wines and Cerester, a privately owned producer in the heart of Tuscany. Thanks to its high-quality, organically certified wines, Castelgufo has recently received awards and medals from Decanter, Asia Wine Trophy, AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge, China Wine & Spirits Awards, USA Wine Ratings, and International Wine Challenge.



Villarini is produced by Icon Wines, a close cooperation between ViniMundi and a number of carefully selected local, organic wine producers around the world, with the explicit target to supply the best possible quality at any given price point. Together we aim at producing wines that both reflect the local traditions and terroir, but also the use of modern winemaking. 


Famiglia Grillo

Famiglia Grillo is a quality minded organic producer from Italy. Quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability have been the guiding principles for the family for generations, in their determination to develop and producer top quality wines with a classic character.
Famiglia Grillo is produced in close cooperation with Cerester, a privately owned wine producer in the heart of Tuscany.

The outstanding quality is manifested by multiple awards and accolades, including Decanter, London Wine Competition, and Organic Masters.


Viva Valentina

Stylish Italian wines, from the inside and out – all labeled with beautiful and eye-catching and exclusive velvet labels, and with awards and accolades from e.g. IWSC, CWSA, AWC, and USTT.

Viva Valentina was founded in 2015, and has since then produced wines together with a few selected growers in Italy. Together with the winemaking team, Viva Valentina is focusing on delivering the best possible quality at every price point. All the wines from Viva Valentina are organically grown and certified ”Made with Organic Grapes”.

The current US portfolio consists of three high quality wines in a popular style: A generous red blend ("Il Classico"), a round and soft Sangiovese, and a full-bodied Pinot Grigio.


United States


LEGEND wines from premium wine growing regions of California is the result of a unique and close cooperation between ViniMundi Wines and local Californian wine producers.

We take our inspiration from the magnificent and legendary wild lynx. Known for being mysterious and powerful with a strong characteristic of elegance, the lynx is a true champion of our brand and values.  

It’s a team effort here at LEGEND, and we pride ourselves on producing wines with individual personalities that introduce our consumers to the best of Californian wine. The wines are currently sold in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, as well as in British Airways Business Class. Internationally, the wine is sold under the name LYNX.

The US domestic range consists of a premium range of classic varietals from Paso Robles, all made with organic grapes and all vegan.

Our wines have received recognition and awards from e.g. NY World Wine & Spirits Competition, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spiris Challenge, and The Washington Post, describing LEGEND Zinfandel as a "top-notch Zinfandel", a "great value", and with the rating "Extraordinary / Sublime".



Jean Biecher

Jean Biecher is one of the leading quality producers in Alsace, France. The grapes used for the wines in our portfolio are 100% organically grown. The area is characterized by a sunny climate and hilly mixed terrain, which results in ideal conditions for the vines

The Biecher family has been making wine in the heart of Alsace since 1762, generation after generation. The cellar lies in the picturesque village Saint-Hippolyte, in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains, beneath the spectacular Haut-Koenigsbourg castle. Jean Biecher is today the largest producer of organic wines in the region. Their wines are known to be very classic and original in style and reflect the unique area. 


Maison Robert Olivier

Maison Robert Olivier is a range of so called ”Vin Nature” – also known as Natural Wine. The phenomenon is ancient, but has regain popularity in recent years. The basic idea is to alter the wine as little as possible, therefore the grapes are 100% organic, and no or very limited sulfites have been added in the winemaking process. 

Maison Robert Olivier was created by the renowned Alsace producer Jean Biecher, currently managed by Olivier Biecher, as an homage to his father Robert. Maison Robert Olivier is cooperation between organic wine growers and small-scale producers within and outside the Alsace area. All wines in the range are Biodynamically certified (Demeter certified)




Bergh has been developed by the Gruber family, adhering to organic and sustainable farming principles. 

Already at the young age of 16, Ewald Gruber, whose family had been growing vines in Röschitz since 1814, to become one of Austria’s best wine growers. Many years, and many vintages later, he now manages the family company together with his siblings Maria and Christian.  The family vineyards are 100% organic, and situated in the sub-region Weinviertel, within Niederösterreich.



Manos Libre

The Manos Libre product line from Hammeken Cellars offers low-intervention wines that are organically produced, vegan friendly, and meet the highest quality standards. The name Manos Libre means “hands-free”, and invites the consumer to try the winemaker’s exclusive interpretation of organic wines, aimed to free spirits, willing to live new experiences with arms wide open. The initial range consists of one red, and one white wine, both made with an exciting blend of local and international varietals. The range has received both international and national acclaim, including medals from Gilbert & Gaillard and Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spirits Challenge, and an "Excellent" / "Great Value" rating from The Washington Post.

Hammeken Cellars is a modern and innovative producer of Spanish wines, with a portfolio focused on branded products developed through the understanding of consumers’ needs. Their wines gather the best of the Spanish local grapes and traditions, with the winemaking style and techniques of the "New World". The result is a distinctive collection of wines, modern, fruit forward, fresh and easy to understand. Hammeken Cellars is deeply concerned about the environment, working with organizations such as Plastic Change and Goodwings. Currently almost half of the company's production is organic.


Los Angeles, California