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Purveyors of organic, sustainable, and natural wine

We create great wines in harmony with mother nature.

ViniMundi Wines is a licensed US importer and an international wine supplier, with a winery situated in the classic French wine district of Alsace. In addition to our own production, we have numerous long term partners around the world.

We believe in organic, sustainable, and natural farming and we have extensive experience in producing and sourcing top quality organic and sustainable wines from around the world. 

Purveyors of organic, sustainable, and natural wine

We strongly believe that less is more when it comes to cultivating great grapes! Working with wines and winemakers from different wine regions throughout the world, gives us a unique insight into how working with organic methods truly effects the quality of the wines in a very positive manner wherever you are.

This is why all the grapes that go into our wines are organically grown, certified by well-known, international certification bodies. Our Alsace winery is equipped with state of the art machinery and we have the possibility to fill most packaging formats, including Bag in Box and PET bottles.

We always put quality first and our winery has IFS level 6 as well as HACCP certification. You can read more about the various organic classifications under “Organic Wine”

Los Angeles, California